Behinde The Brand

The origins of Romano Botta began in 1956 in the Italian fashion sector when the company's founder opened a tailor-made suits shop. In order to bring exclusive products to more private customers, it has been channeled to open a store, and the first store was opened in 1979. In 1985, the second generation took over the business with the high motivation and experience in the textile business is developing with every step, and the company is continued to be a privileged presence in the sector.

Since its foundation, the company continues to explore new markets with the dynamism of foreign trade as an Italian-style clothing brand. Accordingly, Romano Botta comes to the fore by offering of high lifestyle for men rather than just men's wear and fashion. The company's vision, combined with the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit, Romano Botta provides the rapid enlargement of the market scope. Today, Romano Botta has become a well-known Italian style brand among consumers, with leading retail outlets and an increasing number of stores in the Asian and Western European markets.
Combining classical and modern styles in men's ready-to-wear, Romano Botta appeals to the taste of privileged men with a wide range of products. The brand presents stylish and comfortable dressing to the likes of its clients with a rich collection of men's wear, including suits, shirts, neckties, t-shirts, pullovers, shoes, belts, outerwear, underwear, and all kinds of accessories. Working the quality fabrics, the leading European fabric manufacturers provide qualified, unique, and demanded designs is only possible with solid teamwork and spirit. Moreover, by combining vast knowledge and experience with dynamism and technology, rich collections are produced by harmonizing the latest trends with traditional lines and methods.

Romano Botta collections are produced as an extension of self-respect and the importance given to the environment. Our basic approach in all phases of preparation, supply, manufacturing, and presentation is our high sense of quality that we make no concessions. The manufacturing is done with manufacturers who meet quality standards and are the pioneers of their fields by using high-quality supplies. The same understanding shows a well-established value in all processes as a corporate and brand image. For this reason, we attach great importance to the product and service quality of the suppliers. We pave the way for them to raise their quality standards and bring a different approach to the textile industry.

We adopt a strategic co-operation approach in our relations with our product and service suppliers. There- fore, while managing our R&D activities, we are also taking the role of directing the R&D activities of our strategic business partners. By this means, our continuous improvement philosophy covering all our shareholders reflects in all our activities.

We always remember that we are the descendants of a nation that adopted a customer-focused approach centuries ago and moved with the saying, "Customer is our benefactor." Moving from the fact that this saying is still hanging on the shop walls of our small business owners and today named CRM by the western societies, we are constantly working with this principle we discovered in the past.